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Liam Tully and Kiana Corley confess their true feelings in “Hope you’ll never meet me.”

The outcome of the latest team-up from the talented pair of Liam Tully and Kiana Corley is a song that is quite relatable for many of us: the initial and seemingly unscalable fear of actually starting a relationship with a romantic crush. “Hope you’ll never meet me” centers on that and deftly brings out the insecurities faced by lovers who can’t overcome their hesitations and anxieties.

The artists on focus here are emerging names in the indie scene— Liam Tully is a LA based singer-songwriter who has demonstrated his vocal chops in genres varying from touching acoustic renditions to groovy RnB/trap beats; his preceding single “FAMOUS!” featuring Kiefer Detrick is a spunky and playful electro-pop number laced with 808s and idiosyncratic production details.

Complementing the duet is Kiana Corley; the songstress hailing from Pennsylvania shines in RnB records with her mellow and soulful vocals with an impressive range, best shown in her top-performing records such as “Trust” (a G-Funk inspired RnB track) and “Lukewarm” (a dancehall influenced laidback tune).

Now, talking about their collaboration: the song begins with dusty, lo-fi-type drums playing a slow breakbeat as Kiana opens the show with a deeper timbre, while Liam does the second verses with a matching somber and angsty tone over a heartfelt chord progression. Both performers earnestly take the stances of reluctant lovers who only expect disappointment from being together yet can’t shake away the loneliness from being separated.

As a bonus, the sped-up version brings a more adorable twist on things: the vocals are now pitched up with the melody turning a tad more sentimental, not to forget a livelier version of the drums.

Listen to “Hope you’ll never meet me” on Spotify and follow Liam Tully and Kiana Corley on Instagram.


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