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Scoobert Doobert gets utterly tender in “that’s how u know i love u"

Every once in a while, crooners take the occasion of sharing their love and romance in affectionate ballads: Scoobert Doobert has recently captured such a mushy and adorable moment in his latest single “that’s how u know i love u.”

Hailing from sunny San Diego, Scoobert Doobert is a multi-faceted creative; from being a producer and audio engineer, he is equally well-versed as a singer and songwriter. His list of achievements is one to be noted— from having shared the stage on a year-long tour with the soft-rock/RnB icons Doobie Brothers— to officially remixing and then sharing several projects with J-Pop mainstay band CHAI.

On the other hand, his musical output has an impressive consistency, a testament to his creativity. This year alone the Californian artist has published over five singles; prior, he has revealed several albums since 2018, with the latest string of releases stacking up for another one. Emphasizing mental health with uplifting themes, his tracks embrace a relaxing, generously soulful indie rock.

“that’s how u know i love u” is a more up-close and personal romance ballad, of course with a catchy spin on it. Taking up a familiar major chord progression with the melody, Scoobert Doobert holds a caring and compassionate demeanor in warm, amiable vocals as the acoustic guitar opens the show; the lyrics are filled with words of comfort meant for a loved one, and the composition constantly rewards with attractive additions like jazzy guitars and a soft blend of bass and drum groove. There’s a surplus of that feel-good vibe, thanks to the exquisite production and songwriting details.

Listen to “that’s how u know i love u” on Spotify and stay tuned to Scoobert Doobert on his Instagram.


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