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Tornado by Oscilla: A Must-Listen Indie Folk Masterpiece

Alter-aliases are a unique window for artists; presenting a plethora of opportunities to be explored, a creative can go experiment and be a free bird without being bound to the expectations from their main moniker. Frances England, a prominent name in the American folk music scene, took the liberty to diversify her discography with the alias “Oscilla,” with one of the latest singles “Tornado” being a top-notch record to start talking about this alternate and intriguing project.

Making a notable distinction in the children's music genre, the San Francisco native has a genuine knack for songwriting and weaving folksy tunes that appeal not only to the children but their parents as well. With that, her nearly two-decade-long career is filled with remarkable achievements: from playing Lollapalooza to earning praises from outlets such as USA Today and AOL.

In the midst of 2019, although, she decided to veer into a new project called “Oscilla”— with the bolder choice of keeping it separate and distinct from her performing alias— up until now. Even then, this endeavor hasn’t faded into obscurity and thrived on its own.

There’s a reason as to why: “Oscilla” inventively merges folk/Americana with experimental boundaries of indie and electronica, creating heady and hypnotic tracks that comprise anything from bright guitars to analog synths; all harmonized together by the vocals.

“Tornado” follows suit. A delicate and delectable voice enters with a bittersweet mood, coupled with glimmering indie guitars and steady, unobtrusive drumming. There are hints of psychedelia in the spaced-out guitar tones and textural synths in the backdrop— upping the allure as the main chorus works on a lovely chord progression. The duration of three and a half minutes passes away quite quickly in the accompaniment of the whispery, soothing vocals and radiating and satisfying instrumentation.

You can listen to “Tornado” on Spotify and find more about the project on their website.


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