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Why "Sad Face Emoji" by PYRO is the Breakup Song You Need on Your Playlist

Heartbreaks are hard to amend and get over: perhaps this is best shown by a raw and unadulterated acoustic track from Pyro. The American creative shared the said record on Hecka EP— a four-track compilation including two remixes— and displays top-notch songwriting and production skills.

Independent and versatile, the moniker of Pyro was initiated in 2019; the first few releases such as “Different” and “Good Feeling” had melodic RnB and trap sound, having special emphasis on vocals and ambiance in the instrumental. With the release of “Hecka,” he expanded and experimented more. Songs like “Where Are Your Hands” are textural and chill-hop, while “Happy Right Now” (previously released in 2022) plays with jabbing 808s, chiming samples, and brisk rap sequences during the verses.

“Sad Face Emoji” is a wildcard in this deck of songs; starting with elongated reversed sounds, it transitions into melancholic pianoforte melding with an acoustic guitar. The vocals— potent and bittersweet— sing out terse and conflicting lyrics, creatively expressing the complexity and motley of emotions that follow after a failed relationship. Here, the airy and unapologetic nature of the vocals holds a narrative effortlessly, as the instrumental brims and augments those emotions without a lot in the ensemble. 

Three variations follow the original: remixes from Luxurycats and Bleak Year, individually. The first one is an experimental electronica take with a glitch-hop approach as vocal snippets are randomly placed throughout for a lively groove. The latter gives a more playful and grungy hip-hop spin to the song with tonal 808s and overdriven processing, shedding the melancholic atmosphere. The final is the sped-up version, suitable for short videos on socials as the melody turns a shade more sentimental.

Listen to “Sad Face Emoji” here on Spotify and follow Pyro on Instagram.


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