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Hey there!

Remember those songs you used to listen to on the bus to school with your friend while sharing your earphones of your miniwalkman or that cd and vinyl collection of your big brother that he'd let you touch only if you play his favorite video game with him first? Well, may be we have outgrown those days and in this ever-evolving internet era cds, cassettes and vinyl are not just as convincing as compared to the streaming apps but they surely bring back nostalgic memories of those bitter sweet times with your siblings, friends and families.

And if you're like me who grew up on the cusp of internet era and hadn't have the privilege of getting chance to listen to a lot of physical formed music, I hope this blog can fill up that space :)

We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules to check out our blog, we hope we helped you find some great new music that you would be playing on repeat for the upcoming days.


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