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An Early Bird - Are we still in?

Listening to the latest album from An Early Bird, one thing is concrete - it's a passionate body of work that sees the artist bring various straight-from-heart emotions out on the platter. A splendid compilation that contains nine tracks, "Are We Still in?" is a vibrant sonic experience that lasts thirty minutes and dishes out lush folk-pop to glistening indie rock. An Early Bird is a one-man band of Milan-based Stefano De Stefano and has gained admiration from leading entities such as the Rolling Stones, MTV, and Triple J— to name a few, and played in events headlined by reputed monikers including Wallis Bird, Sophia, Dan Owen and more. Having penned over four albums, he is a promising up-and-coming talent in the industry.


Starting with a strong collaboration with singer Meadows, the album opener brings in a dreamy and melancholic folk-rock song. A subtle guitar riff and a mellow piano get-together, while the sentimental and lamenting vocal duet carries the somber yet alluring sound.

Are We Still in?

Getting optimistic from here, the songwriting paints a romantic scene with the gentle guitar strumming with folktronica influences. It gets more percussive and strides around the choruses, upholding a positive vibe.

Wake Up, Wake Up

Teaming up with singer-songwriter Agnes Milewski, An Early Bird takes a rather upbeat and motivated stance in expressing his narrative. The folk instrumental brings in lively drumming and a surprise harmonica feature towards the end.

Little Wild Heart

Straight from the heart, this song is a romantic ballad that incorporates the now familiar harmonica and a delicate acoustic rendition, as An Early Bird's falsetto is charmingly delivered over.

Tip Toe Walk

Wistful and dreamy in abundance, An Early Bird captures the sincere yearning for his lover. In the signature whispery vocals and jangly acoustic guitars, the singer bares his heart about overcoming hurdles and not giving up on love.

Last Song of the Year

The Italian singer doesn't shy away from showing versatility, and while the first half of the album delves heavily into earnest folk pop, "Last Song of the Year" takes it a step further by introducing a solid indie rock record. Upbeat drumming and washed-out guitars accompany a bittersweet singing. Perhaps the best tune from the entirety of the album, in our opinion! Oh, did we mention there's also the familiar harmonica here? Lovely tune without a doubt!


Extending from its predecessor song "Last Song of the Year," it's more than clear that the Milan-based performer has a specialty in putting together bright and colorful indie rock tunes. The brighter and crisp tones of the instrumental are nicely contrasted with the lovelorn vocals, a recurrent theme that can be observed in the album.

Lights Off

A piano-laden instrumental, "Lights Off" also brings Marti West into the album. Together, they capably construct hypnotic and melodious refrains with a rich and mellow ambient synth supporting the moody piano chords and other sublime instruments in the act.

Fading into Day 

The album concludes with a fuzzy vocal duet ballad, featuring vocalist Her Skin. Bringing a playful piano in the main chorus, the vocals portray two lovers trying to rekindle their romance through thick and thin. The most notable attribute of this song is probably the chemistry shared by the involved vocals, luring the ears. This beautiful track is the most perfect accompaniment for an early morning track to start the day right!

"Are We Still in?" is now available on Spotify and wherever you prefer to stream music, while An Early Bird can be followed here on Instagram.


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