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An Early Bird, &Tilly - Sober Love

A prime collaboration has arrived! Two uprising aliases who already have been featured on our blog, An Early Bird and &Tilly are proficient creatives who synergized on their latest single "Sober Love," putting forth the best of both with praiseworthy composition and songwriting presentation.

Here is a quick rundown: Getting featured for his sincere and down-to-earth album on our blog, An Early Bird has a veritable grasp on the folk-pop genre. Running this project solo, the Italian musician has already scored four albums and opened for bigwigs like Fink and Jake Bugg. His previous album, "Are We Still in?" had nine impressive tracks exploring various shades of romance, and today's track is a prelude to his next album.

&Tilly is a producer/songstress duo that embraces the indie and alternative spirit of music to great extents, not clinging to a genre or popular musical styles. They variate anywhere from dream-pop, and ambient, to something light and heartfelt as folk/singer-songwriter (such as "Come With Me" with Horseshoes, which was featured on our blog).

"Sober Love" begins in a somber mood, as An Early Bird gracefully opens with sentimental verses. An acoustic guitar is the only accompaniment until mid-way through when the instrumental picks up drums and a wistful and subdued piano riff, providing an ear-hooking chorus. &Tilly joins in, as the cadence gently sways and accentuates the bittersweet mood. Poetic lyrics and other meticulous arrangements, not to forget the mellifluous get-together of vocals from two deft vocalists. Later towards its conclusion, other instruments such as pizzicato and strings provide a flourish that takes the consistent emotional theme a notch higher. Without frills, this introspective musical piece captures a definite mood that will urge repeats from the listeners!

You can listen to "Sober Love" here on Spotify or on YouTube down below


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