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Arrows amaze with their latest album - Friends tonight, Strangers again

Listening to the newest compilation from Arrows is quite satisfying- the Mumbai -based collaborative band certainly carries a knack for Rock music- having demonstrated that in their latest EP. Its reputed frontman Dave Britto, an up-and-coming songwriter/vocalist, has demonstrated his sophisticated musical mastery of the sounds embracing the core and spirit of the Indie/Alternative scene.

Titled "Friends Tonight, Strangers Again," the album contains five well-composed tracks with other equally upcoming names in the Indian music scene. Here's our quick take on those - 

 Fight This Fight (feat. Siddharth Basrur & Warren Mendonsa) 

Right away, the song defines the staple sonics on this album; a blues-heavy punk rock paying homage to the classic sounds of the genre. A heart-stirring vocal takes over with motivating lyricism, and the instrumental matches its fervor with overdriven, smooth guitar riffs- occasionally frolicking with solos that take it up to another notch. A charged sequence of drums goes underneath the radiant ensemble, making it an electrifying opener for the compilation.

Carnaby feat. Saurabh Roy & Bombay Brass 

An elaborate arrangement follows in "Carnaby," whose title is inspired by the prominent street located in London's west end, paying tribute to the place where hall of famers such as the Rolling Stones performed. Talking about the track, the song is ushered by soulful and passionate vocals paired with brasses, and grungy guitars following suit. The most commendable aspect of this track is the coordination among the instruments and how they complement each other- the brass striking the high notes, the drums rushing with an energizing rhythm, and the bright guitars filling out the dynamics. The vocalist keeps up the chipper temperament with shorter, fluent lyrics without any loss of zeal.

Take It Away (feat. Joel Padikkal)

Greatly rooted in the 70s blues sound, mixed with a healthy dose of modern grunge and punk, "Take It Away" is emotional and bittersweet filled with expressive angst- reminiscent of bands such as The Linkin Park. The main hook amps up in contrast to the calmer verses, as the guitars double on the distortion and introduce a harder edge. Simultaneously, the vocals retain a softer, delicate tone; an alluring contrast that will compel the listener to stick around till the end.

 Can We Be (feat. Second Sight)

Continuing the sentimental ambiance, "Can We Be" is a power ballad with strong undercurrents of distorted guitars as the mellifluous vocals repent for a broken heart, a melancholic affair yet optimistic throughout. Slower and gradual, but heavy in its rendition, "Can We Be" reminded of U2 records with its narrative songwriting and inventive aesthetics of the alt-rock composition.

You (feat. Saachi)

A mellow alt-rock tune, "You" featuring songstress Saachi holds onto the elements from the aforesaid track- a soulful vocal smoothly gliding over the marching drum cadence and subdued guitars, letting the vocals be the highlight. Instead, the guitars take a backdrop approach, creating a sonic bed that heightens the emotions. Here the star attraction is the potent singing, soaked with melancholia. As the final record, this song adds further depth and perspective to the chosen theme of this album.

The album can be listened to here on Spotify, and you can follow Arrow here on Instagram.


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