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Australian Idol top 8 finalist reflects on her "Chaotic" teenage life in her new single - Chaos

Sometimes we all need a moment to assimilate everything that’s going on around us. Music helps that process, so taking that opportunity we would like to introduce “Chaos”: a short and sweet ballad performed by Angelina Curtis, which surely will bring a sense of comfort with its graceful and flowing rendition.

Based in Perth, Angelina Curtis is nothing short of a wunderkind; the young singer-songwriter has ventured successfully into the music industry with her appealing music but is also an aspiring film actress. Her musical talents have earned her WAM awards and rank under the final top eight in the coveted Australian Idol TV show. Many of her records have racked up several thousands of listens on streaming services— including her prior single “Danny Blue,” a lively, blues-infused rock ballad. “Chaos” has quickly gained similar acclaim, releasing back in November and having gathered over 100,000 plays in less than two months.

Claiming to be inspired by leading the life of a musician and actor, her tracks carry a personal and intimate sound, leaning towards a nuanced and deeply heartfelt narrative— often involving pianos. “Chaos” flourishes because of these attributes, as airy and compelling vocals urges to take it slow and breathe; the instrumental begins on the delicate pianos, giving space to a muted drum pattern that slowly opens up in the main chorus. Around the minute mark, the extended sequence displays the meticulous vocal range at play, picking up the pace and tenor effortlessly to double down on the sentiments. Following this, it gives away to the ending and iterates the introductory moments to further emphasize the underlying message.

Listen to “Chaos” on Spotify and follow Angelina Curtis on Instagram.


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