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"Breaking Down" - The heartful and candid piece by Benji Swafford.

Ask any songwriter about what makes a record memorable— sure, answers might differ but a consensus can be formed that words are the most important constituent. “Breaking Down” from Benji Swafford falls into the category where the composition alone doesn’t make an impact, but the moving and impactful presence of the message that it carries.

Devoting himself to the spectrum of Christian and Gospel music, Benji Swafford is a seasoned musician; in 2018 his first debut album “American Parable, Vol.1” saw the light of the day. A compilation of six tracks, it also included “Breaking Down” among other well-received efforts such as “If There’s A Mountain” and “Psalm 145.” After some pause, he returned in 2023 with “Ten Thousand Years,” which focused on how the almighty has shown him the way through unbearable and tempestuous times; a sample of a recorded sermon from acclaimed evangelist Leonard Ravenhill serves as the conclusion.

“The Meek & Lowly Kind,” Swafford’s latest project that was released in February, emphasizes a tenderness that stems from the undulating pianoforte and a swirling, pitch-altered effect that gives an out-of-world, mellow timbre to the vocals during the main chorus.

In “Breaking Dawn,” we witness the said moniker grieving about contemporary sacrilegious acts of greed committed in the name of religion. Benji’s voice remains steadfast yet mellifluous, and the lyricism poetic and introspective. The instruments of choice here are thoughtfully rustic: acoustic drums, piano, organ, and an assortment of acoustic and electric guitars. Initiating with a simple strum, the arrangements pace forward with other harmonic components; all working together to further drive the intended point with a passionate touch.

Listen to “Breaking Down” on Spotify and keep up with Benji Swafford and his music on Instagram.


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