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“Burn out the Stars” is a scintillating work from LORD & LAND.

Being there for someone can make all the difference: that’s the earnestly hopeful imagery painted by the singer-songwriter LORD & LAND in his newest endeavor “Burn out the Stars,” which is dedicated to selflessness and sharing love through the bleak and dreary times— and getting through those together with someone special. 

A thoroughly independent act, Caleb Scott as LAND & LORD is a creative who oversees the various ends of putting together a record, from production to the vocals and songwriting. His deft range of skills have presented him various achievements, from carrying several credits for co-writing songs for other upcoming artists in the scene to having his music featured in movies and TV shows. With such a considerable repertoire, he has also worked on projects for eminent parties such as Universal Music Group and Walk Off The Earth.

In recent endeavors, his synergy with electronic music DJ/producer Brainheart has stacked up over a hundred thousand streams on Spotify alone; the track superbly places the Canadian vocalist’s uplifting and impressive vocals over melodic, driven electro synths with progressive house style arrangements, supplemented with pop-rock guitars (and not to forget epic strings). The acoustic version— which was released shortly later— was also equally well-received.

“Burn out the stars” is a deeply intimate and personal song, as the vocals urge not to fear the ‘dark’— perhaps a symbolic representation of self-doubt and agony here— and reassures us to endure the rough patches together with a loved one, coming out of it more radiant than ever. The production is exceptionally composed as well, gradually commencing with soft piano chords and strings to gentle orchestral drums lending a cinematic feel towards the final act, as more vocal choruses materialize in the background, accentuating the main performance. Positivity and comfort are abundant in the vocal delivery, which raises this record to another level.

Stream “Burn out the Stars” on Spotify and stay updated with LORD & LAND on Instagram.


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