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Charlie Hay puts out a compelling post-breakup record with “Keep Something Beautiful

An optimistic ballad for those heartbroken, “Keep Something Beautiful” is a release that can offer some soothing. Charlie Hay came out with this passionate record very recently, so we decided to talk about it given its potent and heartwarming nature.

A forthcoming alias in the scene, Charlie Hay debuted her musical journey almost three years back with the Swedish single “I mina drömmar” (In My Dreams). Right away, one can notice delicate and introspective songwriting weaving the song. Only months later, her first English record “Truth” was revealed; packed with melancholy, the airy and sentimental vocals are backed by moving piano riffs and sweeping strings. Her latest effort, the previous single “My Sun” extends her specialty in enchanting the listeners with soft piano chords and a poignant performance gliding over the gentle ensemble at work.

Switching her style and trying new grounds, “Keep Something Beautiful” makes the statement of “new year, new efforts”: the instrumental commences with an acoustic guitar and fetching vocals, with a ticking percussion alongside. As the main chorus enters, a muted kick drum strides with other complementing, off-beat percussion in the background— accentuating the vocals as Charlie dwells on a lost romance and wishes to hold onto the good moments of a now fractured relationship. With the upbeat cadence and backing vocals, the track ushers a positive message after the confessional and regretful verses. Approaching the finale, the vocals isolate entirely for a moment, having a calm break as the chorus takes over again and ends right after with a swift transition.

“Keep Something Beautiful” describes heartbreak as many would: streaks of sorrow and hopeful optimism. Listen to the song here on Spotify and follow Charlie Hay on Instagram.


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