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DEAD STAR TALKS breaks barriers with their album "Solid State Chemicals."

In a creative act that captures varied emotions, the indie-rock band DEAD STAR TALK has transcended styles and traditional rules of the industry with "Solid State Chemicals." Truly, their second album takes the listener on for a rollercoaster of a ride, as the alt-rockers prove that they are in prime shape sonically. Released this month and listing over ten tracks, there's a relentless ingenuity associated here that deserves more attention.

So what's DEAD STAR TALK? The project is a quartet based in Denmark, who started their journey back in 2022 with their debut album "Too Many Too Much." They would follow up with the EP "Tides and Waves" in the same year, accumulating a decent and steady pool of attention that led to their consequent breakthrough. Soon enough, they found more momentum and recognition by playing in festivals like the Reeperbahn and Rolling Stone Beach. As of lately, there's been a steady slew of singles from them released which finally coalesced into the follow-up album. 

But that's not all. Facing the challenges and impeding difficulties as an up-and-coming act, DEAD STAR TALK took the bold initiative of making their album available for a limited time on streaming websites, instead opting for distribution through permanent options such as vinyl and NFTs. Their reason behind such a decision reflects the consensus among independent musicians on complex and uneven streaming algorithms to underpayment of royalties.

Delving into "Solid State Chemicals," there's a whole line-up of songs that grab attention. Starting from the opener, "Twenty" (initially released last year) throws a rebellious guitar riff with the angsty guitars, paying homage to the 90s grunge movement with that raw and unfiltered combination of wailing guitars and angsty, intense vocal renditions. Such anthemic qualities are resonated throughout, as the titular track also gets similar treatment; "Solid State Chemicals" begins placidly on acoustic guitar before cascading into dynamic guitars and drums, laced with deep and impassioned crooning; every now and then, they throw down a solo to sweeten the deal.

They also let their guitars do the talking. "Forever Was Before Pt.1" is sort of an interlude, substituting the singing with a mix of jangly acoustic guitars and rushing electric guitars in tandem, as vocals harmonize afterward to uplift the instrumental. Interestingly, it ends on a cliffhanger— fulfilling its role as only an introduction— while the sequel pt.2 (the second last track) continues the story, letting the vocals dwell on worrisome existentialism over screeching riffs. Although not everything takes such a robust route: "Jealous" is an introspective and slow number that flows breezily over a profound blend of mellow vocals and steely guitars.

The genuine songwriting and renditions on this album are nothing short of impressive, and "Solid State Chemical" lays a strong foundation for DEAD STAR TALK to flourish.

Listen to the album "Solid State Chemicals" and stay updated on the band by following them on Instagram.


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