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Discover the Soulful Storytelling of Nicky Phillip's ''Old Oak Tree''

A comforting and optimistic serenade, “Old Oak Tree” is thoroughly serene. Written and performed by Nicky Phillips, the talented songstress has shown her skillful capability to conjure a hypnotic experience for the listeners.

The British creative began her journey in the music scene two years back, in the mere span of which several achievements followed. Her music has been supported by BBC Music Introducing and earned her sold-out shows. She has also enchanted audiences around many reputable venues based in London and Manchester. Her independently released and self-titled debut EP garnered success with “Home,” which advanced to the semi-finals in the UK songwriting competition; subsequently, the aforementioned record has gathered thousands of streams.

Her previous single “Tell Me,” which came out last year, is a potent and sentimental folk-rock ballad; laden with her trademark specialties such as unrestrained and confessional vocals, an uplifting combination of piano chords, and a gradual drumming dial in the emotions, especially around the main chorus. Other recommendations we would suggest for listening from her discography would be “Change” and “Flowers,” both fetching and soothing, commendable records.

Not straying far from the prior release, “Old Oak Tree” serves as a love letter to the significant other— one who stands through thick and thin— symbolized by the sturdy and immovable oak tree. Nicky once again puts up an impressive display of vocals; airy harmonies accompany to further make the song immersive. A gentle acoustic guitar and banjo strum beside the delicate tones of the singing, as the staple and melancholic fiddle does its charm. Grassroots and sincere in its making, the simplicity and graceful pacing of the composition are quite breathtaking.

Listen to “Old Oak Tree” here on Spotify and follow Nicky Phillips on Instagram.


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