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Emily Anderson instills hope and endurance in “Evergreen.”

Dedicating her latest record to the everlasting endurance of true love, Emily Anderson’s “Evergreen” puts out a hopeful and compelling message of not letting your significant other go— no matter how hard the circumstances get. Solemn and heartwarming vocals meet undulating piano chords on this riveting song, turning it into an instant recommendation.

Holding an impressive reputation, Emily Anderson has earned several achievements that stand as a testament to her dedication to the craft; her repertoire consists of various credits: from performing soundtracks for video games (“Calico” & “The Stars Between Us”), the Alaskan native is also not a stranger to garnering positive recognition in renowned competitions such as the American Songwriter and International Songwriter Competition. She has described her music as an aid to maladies such as anxiety and other mental illnesses, inducting things such as nature and hopeful imagery.

Her discography has origins in 2013 with the album “Nickels,” after which two more followed in the span of some years with other well-performed singles like “Gold” and “Sarah.” Her previous compilation “Salt & Water” (2022) contained a mellifluous assortment varying from grungy indie rock/pop-punk (“Sunshine” and “Toxic Positivity”) to the playfully curious “My Body.” 

A decade after her debut in the industry, “Evergreen” came to be. It doesn’t stray far from her sonics: a somber yet reassuring lyricism, gentle and graceful vocals with a flowing and cascading instrumental. The song symbolizes love as unwavering, and the composition is associated with rhythmic chords; towards the latter half of the song, soft strings elevate and widen the harmony further. The simplicity donned here brings out the best in Emily’s voice, which remains effortlessly elegant and composed— traits that easily engage and satisfy the ears.

Listen to “Evergreen” on Spotify and follow Emily Anderson on Instagram.


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