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Emotive and uncanny, sugardeer’s “Good Names for Strays” is enthralling!

Uncommon and quirky, yet arresting: that’s how “Good Names for Strays” could be described in apt words. The said EP is the brainchild of the American moniker sugardeer, dealing in an arty and avant-garde spin on pop/rock music; melding other genres and styles in a progressive fashion without compromising on the emotions, not to forget the top-notch vocal performances.

Let’s explore this fascinating EP with our favorites then!


The initial offering, “Papercup” starts with a serene calmness and introduces off-the-grid drums, striking a close resemblance to Midwest Emo (or Math Rock)— a repeating characteristic on the other following records as well. The instrumental ratchets to a crescendo with varying time signatures as a contrasting violin riff plays alongside the heartbroken, raw, and riveting vocals. The elevation from the slower, gentle commence to the chaotic finale is superbly executed on this!

Cherry Picker

“Cherry Picker” sets the tone back to a more peaceful one, with slower drumming and a subdued Wurlitzer piano joining the act. The vocals maintain the same angsty, narrative tone in a delectable way. Eccentric elements such as subtle detuning and pitch changes with other interesting textural additives.


Closely following in the footsteps of the inaugural track, “callie” opens up with a plethora of sentiments as the remorseful vocals are delicately balanced by the escalating percussions and somber strings, the drums assume a marching rhythm around the final minute; here the vocals rises to another notch, blowing off steam with this charged-up drum patterns and elaborate strings, furnishing a dramatic finish before idling down to the gentle piano riff from earlier.

The Tower, inverted

A standout in a group of outstanding tracks, “The Tower, inverted” is a satisfying experience, including a brisk funky disco-like chorus with appealing jangly guitars, strings, and piano; the breezy vocals, like a Swiss-knife, changing with the tempo and notes fluidly over the alternating rhythms. It’s hypnotic and utterly charming, taking the listener through a roller-coaster of emotions.

Filled to the brim with intimate and authentic moments of expressing dismay and sadness in experimental and left-field creations, “Good Names for Strays” is a medley collection of songs that don’t hold back in testing grounds with unconventional, meticulous productions and superlative lead vocals.

Listen to the EP here on Spotify and follow sugardeer on Instagram or Purchase Digital download/CD from below.


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