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“Good Dog” by Danielle Durack is a soothing remedy for those heartbroken

Anxiety is hard to beat. It’s complex and comes in all sorts; various tracks have expressed those in artistic terms, not barring today’s selection “Good Dog” by Danielle Durack. Nuanced and compelling, the song earnestly captures the longing and frustrations in a soothing round of performance and instrumental.

Well-versed as a singer-songwriter, Danielle Durack has emerged to be a promising name in the Nashville circuit— an epicenter for pop and Country music— building up a strong repertoire over the years since her debut in 2018 with “Last Summer.” Since then she has delivered over three albums and several singles, including two records already this year. Perhaps our favorite from her would be a masterful spin on ABBA’s energetic disco ballad “Dancing Queen,” which the American songstress adapted for a delicate and intimate, stripped-down version, letting her vocal prowess shine in covering the original. “Dean,” her latest endeavor at the time of writing, wraps grungy alt-rock textures in a marching cadence and beautifully contrasts the graceful vocal delivery, which elevates into an emotional chorus at the end.

“Good Dog” has a distinct approach, however; slow and melodic piano chords play in the background as a somber snare gives a subtle, linear rhythm. The whispery and smooth vocals enrich the instrumental with encompassing harmonies, as the lyricism deals with the detachment and loneliness of being heartbroken. There’s also more to the song: on a closer inspection while repeating, one can hear the ambiance having various selections of minuscule sounds that add more character and depth to the record.

Afterward, strings come underneath, lifting the chorus and flooding in with more emotions as the vocals intensify. The composition feels like a healing touch for those heavy-hearted from broken relationships, somehow reassuring that they aren’t alone in feeling likewise.

Listen to “Good Dog” here on Spotify and follow Danielle Durack on Instagram.


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