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How Bradley Denniston's "Reflection" Takes You on a Groovy Ride

It’s time to funk it up. “Reflection” is a genuinely buoyant production from the creative mind of Bradley Denniston; this record is bound to start looping in your mind after the initial listen due to its suave and experimental soundset.

Hailing from the sunny west coast city of LA, Bradley Denniston has an expansive resume with several accolades: from lending his skill sets to the likes of Gotye, G-Eazy, and The Lonely Island, the American moniker has further gained acclaim in the soundtrack industry; featured in the credits for not one, but two Netflix shows— the Anime series “Cannon Busters'' and “The Art of Design.” If that wasn’t enough, Bradley has also accomplished himself as a mixing engineer and multi-instrumentalist, explaining a great deal as to why his sonics are so standout and polished!

Having an independent musical career also packed with well-received tracks, his most streamed track being the jazzy soundtrack “Showdown” has received more than three million streams on Spotify, while the more recent bluesy and upbeat “Bring Those Good Times Back” demonstrates his vocal dexterity with energetic and radiant tones.

“Reflection” is his latest release that came out this month; contrary to the cold chilling weather, this track comes as a remedy with its hot pulsating groove— raw, funky bass- with soulful vocals and sparse drums. Electro synths, ranging from pads to chiming arps with a notable 80s brass adorn the instrumental. The songwriting is effortlessly charming, maintaining a satisfying flow to accompany the beat. Another bassline comes along— a thick Moog— accentuating the original bass. Small details in the ambiance and variations are placed cleverly, yet not overwhelming the listener entirely.

Following his recent penchant for retro funk and electro-pop, “Reflection” is a dynamic addition to his discography!

Listen to the track here on Spotify and follow Bradley Denniston on Instagram here.


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