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Jose Laso takes us on an exciting voyage with “Lasoma.”

More than often, we all have daydreamt about it: sailing across the oceans on a boat, being part of a crew braving it through the treacherous seven seas; the increasing popularity of shanties in modern music—especially in the last few years— has served enough evidence that many still adore such classic fantasies.

Well, on that occasion, we have just the thing: let’s shift our attention to “Saloma,” a hearty song included in Jose Laso’s newest EP “Carta De Presentación.”

Singing passionately in his first language of Spanish, Jose Laso is an upcoming independent singer-songwriter who entered the scene with “Funky Blues” back in 2021. The record immediately set a precedent on what to expect from the American artist: lively compositions that sway to the ardent and cheery notes of Laso’s upbeat voice: there’s ample amounts of enthusiasm in his creations that increase the catchiness. As for recent releases, his first tune for this year titled “Hoguera De San Juan” (apparently related to Saint John’s Eve) crossed over eighteen thousand streams on Spotify.

“Saloma,” which roughly translates to “chantey” (sung by sailors while working) commences on an acoustic guitar riff as the bright vocals take the helm; jolly mouth organ and marching drums also join this sonic trip, as the vocals pick-up in intensity along with strings: elements qualifying to be in a joyous and fervent Shanty. In the final act, the song reaches an apex with vocal choruses chanting to an intense beat of drums, signaling the peak of this phantom journey in an engaging musical performance.

Listen to “Saloma” on Spotify and follow Jose Laso and his music on Instagram.


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