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“Loving You” from Nathaniel Mac is comfortingly lovesick.

Serving a heartfelt love letter, Nathaniel Mac chose to go with quintessential romantic sound— a sincere, uncomplicated and easy-on-the-ear ballad. The up-and-coming vocalist was a surprise find for us and rightfully so: his latest single “Loving You” is just the song you want to play while hanging around with your significant other on a beautiful day.

Amid the pandemic, Nathaniel Mac decided to reveal his first single “Blue Lights,” a debut that has modestly climbed as the most played track on his Spotify: The song opens up on a laidback and chill-trap beat with unfettered, yet comforting vocal delivery. Fast forward to his newer discography, which shows more versatility in his songwriting skills even further with “Take What I Can Get”: the composition takes nu-soul inspiration as fluttering RnB keys provide the harmonies, while the main chorus sets up for a slow RnB/Trap hook with knocking kicks and a seductive vocal act; as for “6AM,” there’s a lively blend of pop-punk record containing grungy guitars and up-tempo drum groove completed with an energetic dose of vocals in the chorus.

For “Loving You,” the essentials are emphasized: the vocals take the center stage and are upfront and bright, focusing on memorable lyrics that are feelgood and unapologetically romantic in words like “loving you is the easiest thing I can do”— testifying how love can blossom through vulnerabilities and pain. These intimate emotions are followed by simple and relaxed twangy guitar strums in the performance, a perfect demonstration of classic and refreshing singer-songwriter style.

Listen to “Loving You” on Spotify and stay tuned with Nathaniel Mac on Instagram.


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