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Manuel The Band and Crosev project their heartaches in “Overthinking of You.”

Coming across “Overthinking of You,” the record immediately tugs at the heartstrings: its creators Manuel The Band and Crosev render a sentimental performance in this post-heartbreak ballad, fully embracing the fragile emotions resulting from such separations with sincerity, namely angst and grief.

Having stepped into the music streaming sites about six years ago, Manuel The Band has grown exceptionally well, especially with their acoustic covers; their spin on hits like “Mates of Soul” and “Sex on Fire” have reached several thousand listeners. Their musical palette, as the Californian band mentions, goes anywhere between the realms of rock, pop, and improvised live jamming. Crosev, a frequent collaborator, has already lent her pleasant vocals to several records with the outfit, including their latest release “Lately”: released in March, this song feels very much a spiritual successor to today’s selection with moody instrumentation and a soaring, melancholic vocal duet.

“Overthinking of You” positions itself in the footsteps of lovers who have separated, and as the title implies, can’t bear the constant pangs of loneliness that come after. Manuel opens the song with a passionate and moving delivery— frustrated with not being able to express his inner desires for getting back together— as Crosev enriches the rendition with gentle backing vocals. Steely guitars strum an evocative chord progression, initially riffing fast but slowing down for a calmer verse towards the end; at the last minute, the singing intensifies with the guitar for an emphatic and heartfelt finish.

Listen to “Overthinking of You” on Spotify stay updated with Manuel The Band on Instagram.


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