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Melissa Lamm - All This Time

Well, I wanted the very first article on this blog to be something extraordinary and when I came to know about the sophomore ep of this friendly Canadian artist Melissa Lamm, I was sure I've found the one to be the first feature of my blog.

Let's start off with a little intro on Melissa, she's a Toronto based singer songwriter who's been in music industry since 2017 and has garnered over 500,000 streams on spotify alone. But that's not even what she's known for... It's her one of those stripped back live twitch sessions that has gathered attention of over 22,000 people and are viewed over a million times!

So now, let's dive right in to some great music.

Someone I Forget

The EP starts off with this upbeat song where Melissa inserts her breezy and light as oxygen vocals to affix the listener to a point where it's probably impossible for the person to not play this one on loop. The energy in this song is so good that if it wasn't for it's post break up lyrics, it would've been a great accompaniment to dance in the kitchen while cooking.

"Someone I forget” is the perfect first song for someone who isn’t very familiar with this Torontonian electro pop sensation. Lamm’s soft vocals combined with lush synths and a repetitive chorus line of “someone I forget” should be enough to get you hooked on this song for days.

Any Less

Now the scene changes and Lamm's no more trying to forget her old lover but instead, she's fallen deeply in love with someone and she doesn't want the things to change ever.

Melissa has done a brilliant job of capturing those moments when you're too in love with someone and saying I Love Yous even a hundred times can't be sufficient enough to describe how you feel about them. The colorful sound palette and the dreamy vocal top-line demands your attention in the best way possible. The song features some really catchy hooks and verses with euphoric synths that provides the trademark sound that is quite recognizable in this project and her other singles.

All This Time

The song starts off with Lamm's twitch signature style as her pure chiffron like vocals are found breezing over gentle piano chords, but as the track progresses, groovy drums and other elements are added as the song builds up very quietly towards extremely catchy chorus.

The song is a lyrical masterpiece as she tries to talk about those warm fuzzy feelings when you start getting butterflies in your stomach for someone and wish that they feel the same about you too

"So maybe you can call me in a minute//Tell me that I’m everything you’re missing//Pick me up and whisper that you loved me All this time//And we can live a life like highschool sweethearts//You can get my name tattooed on your arm//Hold my hand and tell me that you loved me All this time " has to be one of the best lines penned by Lamm.

3 AM

I knew Melissa has one of the greatest voice and I've talked a lot about it in this article, but in this one she has just affixed that notion immovably by her vocals as visceral as the early morning dew in the air, thick enough to feel on your skin and clinging with condensation afterwards. While the lyrics set the perfect scene of those sleepless nights where you turn to the person beside you, hoping to fall back to sleep in their arms. But it's not only Melissa who should be credited for the robust sound of this tune as the producer Phil Holtz who worked with some top artists like Dua lipa, Hailee Steinfeld and Johnny Orlando has done brilliant job with the production and presenting us with something to behold and making us gently whistle with appreciation.

If you like what you have heard so far, we suggest you to follow Lamm on her spotify and her other socials. If you would like to know what Melissa listens to when she's not making music you can check it out here on this spotify playlist

Have a great day, Bye for now :)


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