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“Ponytails” is a funky joyride from the mind of Devereaux

There’s a certain uncanny charm present in “Ponytails”— our recommendation for today— as Devereaux crosses genres and styles inventively. Though it doesn’t fall into the usual category: out-of-the-box production and an infectious groove is the elevator pitch for this unique record!

Devereaux, or the talented mind behind the moniker, openly acknowledges being a fan of boogie and post-disco sounds, citing inspiration that varies from the bonafide pioneers like George Michael, Madonna, and Kraftwerk. And so it shows in his musical repertoire as well, packed with funk-instilled electro synths and distinct vocals. Having taken a hiatus for the last few years, Devereaux seems to have planned for a consistent comeback.

Let’s take a look at his latest work “Only Oranges”; a perky electro-house song that throws down a grungy bassline with off-the-beat vocal samples with melodic piano sprinkled in the main hook, his sonic trademarks are strongly focused on slick rhythms with unexpected sound design.

Rewinding the clock somewhat, we arrive in 2014 when the said alias made his debut album “Pineapple Flex” public. The opener “Ponytails” has a heavyset build, beginning with a strong wave of gnarly lead synth as an overdriven guitar riff adds streaks of mischief and outlaw-like sounds to the mix. For the drum sequencing, regular electronic drums pick up a linear house groove alongside biting and swaying low-end synths. Two prominent vocals enhance the excitement: one rap vocal repeating just before the main chorus as a female voice sings the quirky main chorus. The frisky and unconventional blend of instruments and sounds are praiseworthy, fusing together rock and dance music to create something so singular!

Listen to “Ponytails” on Spotify and follow Devereaux on Instagram for more updates on his music.


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