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Rich - Lucid

Evoking a range of emotions is easier said than done for any record, as few tracks can present that hard-to-describe mood through its nature of crafting. Perhaps a suitable example of this would be “Lucid” by Rich, which uses less to express more - an artful minimalism, which when done right, showcases an admirable emotional depth and the artist’s thoughtful work.

Upon observation, Rich is a rather distinct figure, deviating away from most indie artists in his branding and presentation. His discography has few songs, having only four tracks since his inception in 2020. Further, very less is known about him as Rich consistently maintains a carte blanche on his socials. Such is the extent of his “radio-silence” approach to the industry that he has around a thousand followers despite having over a million streams altogether on his musical offerings.

Perhaps it is this enigma and devotion towards pursuing the aesthetic appeal of Lo-Fi (short for lower fidelity) music that magnetizes the listeners. His compositions choose to be simpler, denying any intricate details and build-up a smooth harmony with few but nostalgic elements. Let’s take “Lucid” again, which brings in a brassy analog synth riff as its main lead. Instantly a sense of bittersweet wistfulness fills the air, as the hazy and spacious vocals take the lush ambiance. Then, easygoing drums give rhythm to this beat.

There’s a real sense of rejecting overdoing here, choosing to don the true spirit of alternative and indie pop. The melody kind of reminded us of “Berlin - Take My Breath Away,” although the hook differentiates just enough to leave listeners speculating whether the 80s hit served as an inspiration or not. That being said, the song lasts a few seconds over two minutes and leaves a craving sensation in the mind: an effective technique that Rich practices in his music creatively.

“Lucid” may not be extravagant, but with its swirling and dreamy sequences wedge a deep impression.

You can hear “Lucid” here on Spotify or on YouTube below.


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