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Rose Rose gives a silky 'Night Version' retouch to their debut "Sugar Hill."

Bringing their audience with sonic treats filled with satiny grooves and feel-good nu-disco sound, Rose Rose is a duo that stands distinctive in the scene. Showing their knack for distilling the old-school funk into their slick and modern signature, the pair has drawn our attention with their new take on their inaugural track "Sugar Hill": titled the 'Night Version,' they have reimagined one of their gems in something more suited for the dancefloors, without subtracting any of the charms from the original.

The genesis of the Franco-British alias can be traced as early as during the pandemic on their streaming platform profiles. They have labeled their musical style as something crossing over between disco and modern electronic music, deriving a clear inspiration from Daft Punk and Chic; notably paying homage to the "Random Access Memories" era disco-funk sound that the French robots adopted. They have played and received a warm reception at the Parisian festival of Rock en Seine— and over the years, a growing segment of internet users have stumbled onto their music, which has led to staggering streaming numbers within four years of the project's commencement.

Here's a short look into what they have released so far: right after their debut "Sugar Hill," their next release would arrive in "Pressure"; the 2021 single brought 70s-inspired guitar licks doused in flanger and chorus effects with falsetto style lead vocals taking the highlight. After a brief hiatus of two years, the duo has followed up with singles, reworks, and multiple remixes from other like-minded and creative artists like Pastel and Roisto. Their most recent compilation "Eye to Eye Remixes" has revealed several ‘Night Version’ re-works of their previous releases like “Sky Queen” among other remixes.

If the original version of "Sugar Hill" targeted the radio with its polished and smooth assembly, this re-interpretation finds the duo swapping drums and introducing the upbeat bass from the predecessor less obtrusively. Synthesized vocal harmonies back the flowing instrumental, with a soft analog synth pad. Everything is toned down to lend the vocals more breathing room, and the synths have an important role to play with the inclusion of e-piano/Rhodes and brass stabs. The tempo is faster here, opting for a four-by-four kick pattern that holds a sustained groove. This version resonates with the late-hours dancefloor mood; not bothering the listeners with too many details and filling the canvas with minimal but satisfactory instruments. By the third minute, the vocals are taken out to perform a build-up again, taking back to the encore of the radiant main chorus and a classy fade-out finishing the show.

You can listen to "Sugar (Night Version) on Spotify and stay updated with Rose Rose and their music on their Instagram.


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