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"Same Old Stories": Jeremy Marshall Blanton's Sophomore Single Paints a Canvas of Emotions

Laying out the feels unhindered is “Same Old Stories,” an equally uplifting and wistful new single from singer-songwriter Jeremy Marshall Blanton. A fitting show of genuine songwriting and appealing performance, this latest indie tune is sure to get stuck in your mind.

A fresh but budding debutant in the industry, Jeremy is an exciting talent to follow; the Floridan singer-songwriter weaves bright, vibrant instrumentation with engaging lyrics that convey various emotions in a charming, breezy tone. His debut EP— which packs three records and came out last year— embraces the ears with lush, warm Country sounds with vocals that paint scenic picturesque and many scenarios effortlessly.

That brings us to the follow-up work, or the sophomore single— “Some Old Stories.” The said moniker fashioned this project to express the various desires and heartaches that have dawned on him from time to time, reflected upon, and yet to provide any meaningful conclusions: from whether he should be a country singer or giving up on dreams due to lack of clarity and not knowing where to be; an all too relatable tale of fascination and eventual frustration that many go through at one time or the other.

As the verses carry on with such thoughts, the choruses strike a pleasant and positive tone with consoling lyrics like “Some things get easier, when the time is right… ain’t it funny, ain’t it cruel,” shrugging off the weight of worries and regrets. Garnishing this beautifully is the instrumental bringing out the gentle acoustic guitar and other familiar sounds such as organ, as an electric guitar fills in with resonant tones in the main chorus. 

Personal and unfettered, “Same Old Stories” is bound to stimulate the listeners with a range of emotions. Listen to it here on Spotify and follow Jeremy Marshall Blanton on Instagram.


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