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Saying goodbye to '23 with the perfect laidback track "easy on me" by Coffee time

Embracing a creative and unconventional sonic, “Easy On Me” is a song that urged us for a recommendation right after the first listen. Brought into existence by the duo Coffee Time, this is a record meant to serve as a gentle accompaniment; providing a sort of solace as life goes on.

Going through the Austrian pair’s musical catalog, there’s a definite quality that makes them distinctive: the soothing acoustic instrumentals alongside hushed and comforting vocals with creative nuances in the ambiance. Their versatility in blending dream-pop with indie and folk is nothing short of admirable— best represented in “Some Days”— their debut performance which came out in 2020. The EP contains six short but sweet tracks, from the remarkable “Midnight Air” with its twangy, evocative lead guitar to the gradual and funky “For A While.”

Their previous EP came out in 2021, titled “O’Three Clock”; delightfully dreamy and potent, the opening track “For Seasons” engages with its washed-out, wistful guitars and subdued singing.

“Easy On Me” aligns towards folk and alternative, introducing itself with the louder acoustic guitar strumming as the vocals whisper in the verses. Right around the chorus, it goes up an octave; the vocals and instrumental emphasize the sentiment of yearning. Supportive strings materialize underneath, heightening the sensations. The drums are an interesting combination— clicking and electronic— yet completing the groove without interfering with the lush ambiance. By the final moments, the guitar has a delicate solo over the looping chords, fading out gently. The composition lets the instruments be the main narrative here, the vocals delivering the rest of the story; bittersweet and introspective aplenty.

Listen to “Easy on Me” on Spotify and follow Coffee Time on Instagram.


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