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Subway Rat - lovechild of The Strokes and LCD Soundsystem releases 00's inspired album

Blurring the conventional rules of music, Subway Rat is an interesting moniker— and his latest album “Captain of the Football Team” even more so. The singer-songwriter has a unique panache that compelled us to write more about him and his recent endeavor, which is thoroughly packed with experimental twists. 

Last year, Subway Rat made fast strides in the scene after his debut single “Rendezvous.” His free-flowing and improvising skills are present throughout his already extensive musical catalog; one has to admit, fourteen singles and an album is no mean feat in a relatively short time.

Devoted to the punk rock genre, the Queens, New York-based singer-songwriter claims his inspiration from across the spectrum— be it the pioneers such as the Velvet Underground or the 90s alt-rockers like R.E.M.— the vibrant influences of such heavyweights have propelled and noticeable in his music. What makes Subway Rat singular is his gruff and unhindered vocals, a trait heightening the raw emotions that needed to be expressed without sugar-coating.

As such, this album takes full advantage of superlative instrumentations and potent vocalizing. The opener “Outta Town” breaks in with melodic and grungy guitar riffs and strutting drum grooves— accentuated by at times dissonant and bold singing. In another following track “Crazy,” the vocals are put together with melancholic strings in the company of shimmering guitars, forming a fascinating contrast.

Switching things up just after midway, “Nostalgia” blends 80s pop and overdriven guitars to evocative levels. “Lost Without U” arrives around the ending, and instantly reminds of bands like the Strokes and the Police with the guitar play; made entertaining as the vocals keep a sarcastic undertone through witty and playful lyrics.

“Captain of the Football Team” wholly involves embracing punk rock and alternative/indie tones without falling for cliches— thankfully due to the unabashed and magnetic presence of Subway Rat and his riveting songwriting.

Listen to the album here on Spotify and follow Subway Rat on Instagram.


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