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The Enchanting Spell of Romanie's latest song -Can't Have It All

Shifting our attention to more noteworthy indie releases as of late, the album “Are We There Yet?” is a vibrant compilation from Romanie, a talented singer-songwriter hailing from Australia. The opening single “Cannot Have It All,” beautifully captures the essence of the said album and is absolutely worth a discussion for its meticulous makings.

The striking element in most of Romanie’s work is her airy vocals, basking in radiant tones that sound unadulterated and ethereal. Having debuted just over two years ago, the songstress has an adept knack for creating folksy and shimmering indie/alt-rock records. After a brief hiatus, she came back this year for the launch of her aforementioned debut album. Reeling listeners with a catchy narrative, the songs touch on relatable emotions such as heartbreak and anxiety— beautifully written and composed in twelve songs. Her discography has turned heads, getting veritable support from the likes of Rolling Stone Australia, Triple J, and thousands of streams on Spotify alone.

What turns “Cannot Have It All” is the dreamy chord progression as a striding cadence is held by the acoustic drums. Keeping an artistic contrast between the delicate and mellifluous attributes of the vocals and shimmery guitar riffs harmonized by a subdued piano; the track renders a hypnotic yet wistful mood which is hard to forget and warrants multiple listens. The lyrics center around a girl— Romanie symbolizing herself in a third person narrative— as she struggles to understand the intricacies of the world and people growing further detached and colder with each passing day.

Clocking at three minutes, this song doesn’t linger too long but leaves a memorable impact with its earnest and sincere delivery.

Listen to “Cannot Have It All” here on Spotify and follow Romanie on Instagram.


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