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&Tilly, Horseshoes - Come with me

For today's selection, we have to rewind a little. Released about six months ago, Horseshoes and &Tilly teamed up for a musical project titled "Come With Me." And if considering the catalog both monikers have to provide, this song is bound to lure admirers for the commendable performances in it.

The protagonists on this track are both equally accomplished at their crafts- Horseshoes is an American singer/songwriter, singularly devoted to the glimmering sounds of folk and country, openly admitting that his niche lies with the self-coined genre of "emo country." On the other hand, &Tilly is a versed singer-producer duo who strongly adhere to the indie scene with their DIY approach, refusing to stick with a single genre or style. Their repertoire ranges from new folk, ambient pop, alternative and more.

"Come With Me" flourishes on a simplistic yet amply romantic and lush soundscape. Stringed instruments take prominence here with acoustic guitar and banjo, crucial additives to any folk/country tune. Horseshoes takes the lead, singing melancholic lyricism as &Tilly's delicate and whispery voice comforts the lead performer's sentiments, and complements the duet while later serenading with a solo verse, carrying the ballad ardently.

However, production aspects aren't all monotonous and lagging behind in terms of the vocal renditions, as the mentioned parties take it a step further and introduce unexpected electronic influences midway through the song. The second half interestingly experiments with different drum cadences and the mentioned sound palette, pacing up towards a climactic finish that perhaps serves as a metaphor for the rush of various emotions that one feels during a heartbreak.

A clear outcome of a passionate get-together, Horseshoes and &Tilly expertly created a song that radiates their individual talents elegantly.

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