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Unleashing the Emotions: Tara Maclean and Catherine MacLellan team up for Kiss In December

December is a month for romantics. Wisps of snow and serene sundowns in the clear sky; the month of Solstice is nearly upon us. And as the opportune has risen, we have just the record to recommend. “Kiss in December” is a heart-stirring performance from Tara MacLean, featuring collaborators Catherine MacLellan and KINSEY.

Carrying three decades worth of experience, Tara MacLean has an expansive musical catalog and international renown with her debut album “Silence,” which gained acclaim after its release in 1996. The Canadian singer-songwriter has signed her music with eminent labels the likes of Capitol Records and Sony Music Canada, excelling in writing and performing evocative songs- be it lively alt-rock tracks such as “If I Fall” or bittersweet folk-pop like “Silence.” 

Her most recent endeavor includes the effort of a talented pair: Catherine MacLellan, who has garnered repute in the folk scene with heavily streamed records such as “The Long Way Home” and “Water in The Ground.” On the other hand, KINLEY is an up-and-coming songstress, having earned achievements like the East Coast Music Awards (ECMA).

Staying true to her roots, “Kiss in December” gracefully waltzes with gentle pianoforte; as strings embrace the vocals. Narrative and sentimental, the delicate rendition mourns about a former lover who grew distant as time passed— yet the remnant of that love still lingers— evoked by the wintry December. The production for the instrumental stands out, surrounding the already enticing voice, introspective and well-harmonized till the end. Towards the end, the song turns more into yearning— as if there’s still a sliver of hope— letting the strings reach a crescendo and amplify those heartfelt emotions further. Finally, the vocals return once again, if only for a few seconds, concluding optimistically.

Listen to “Kiss in December” here on Spotify, and follow Tara MacLean on Instagram.


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