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Unpacking the Emotions: A Review of the Heartfelt Ballad "Postscript" by Venus

In the age of releases coming out at such rapid rates, intimate and truly sentimental records are few and far between. Although exceptions are there, as we stumbled onto Venus; a singer-songwriter whose specialty lies in crafting heart-tugging songs, the British vocalist released her latest track “Postscript”— branded as her ‘saddest song yet’- which we have agreed to after the initial listening experience.

Who’s Venus then? Maintaining a decorum of mystery, the songstress has started gaining noteworthy acclaim in the indie/alternative-sphere; coming from an extensive history of doing live gigs to carve out a distinct audience instead of following trends, she has already made a sizeable impact on her listeners. Her musical endeavor also focuses primarily on singing covers— having given her spin on various hits from Survivor’s “Eye of The Tiger” to Foo Fighters “The Pretender.” This has helped her amass over seven million views on the internet— no small feat by any means— and has catapulted her status further and given a looming fanbase. This year, she had a steady output of over six well-performing singles.

What about “Postscript” then? The song greets with moving, softened piano riffs as Venus’ sublime vocals embrace the listeners; it’s wholly stirring and maintains an ethereal tone— delivered in seductive whispery tones. The instrumental forms a delicate layout with the pianoforte in the verses, as other instruments come in: such as the acoustic drums, a classic-toned guitar, and even strings— all necessary for an effective heartbreak ballad. The track stands out mostly with the unflinching songwriting and lyricism, all reflecting the morose effects of losing a significant one. Yet it’s soothing and serene: a masterful work of art only possible with ingenuity.

You can listen to “Postscript” here on Spotify and follow Venus on Instagram.


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