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Vintz Desert - Made of Glass

It’s safe to say that folk-pop handles delicate emotions second to none. Look no further than the latest EP from Vintz, a superlative effort that shines through with impactful lyrics and serene instrumentations with hypnotic moods.

The Maryland-based singer-songwriter has straightforward intentions, which can be read on his Spotify bio ‘to capture different elements of love, mental health, and life.’ This down-to-ground pitch from the said creative resonates throughout his oeuvre, especially in his newest EP.

Let’s have a rundown on all the tracks

Calico Dress

Immediately welcoming the ears on this opening track is the wistfulness from the subtle companionship of piano and guitar. Vintz confesses his mental torment about a former lover with an earnest and heartfelt tonality, embracing a melancholic sound that instantly sticks to the mind due to its dreamy attribute. Emotionally heavy, this record sets the bittersweet and ethereal mood floating throughout this EP.


The title of this raised our curiosity, and a search later, here’s what we found - “a drug that takes away pain and is used by patients.” Reading this gave more depth to the sophomore song of this compilation, which has a more optimistic and uplifting message: to forget all conflict and seek peace. Vintz effortlessly lightens the tone with his voice, acting as a sentimental salve and showing an impressive versatility right after the somber opening provided by “Calico Dress.”


For this record, the Maryland vocalist adopts an intimate and up-close approach. “Another” is a love letter to a former lover, as a pensive piano and textures furnish a gorgeous ambiance. Probably our favorite among the bunch, the song doesn’t hesitate in having a romantic appeal, as Vintz dons a fluttery and near-falsetto voice (yet another example of his mettle) to perform this engaging and hooking ballad.

Made of Glass

The titular production of the EP ends on a positive note, shedding all the emotional baggage for a hopeful theme. “Made of Glass” tackles human fragility with supple vocals and taut piano notes, as the lyrics boldly state “What if I’m broken?”. The song slowly opens up to a saxophone in the backdrop and gentle drumming to accentuate the expressed feeling. A contrast arises between the quavering, unfiltered singing with the escalating rendition, resulting in a dainty song that serves as a beautiful conclusion to the EP.

You can find Vintz’s “Made Of Glass” EP here on Spotify :)


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