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Zac Thompson lets his sentiments out with “I Need You.”

No matter how much it hurts from anxiety and crushing loneliness, love can be the ultimate remedy: that’s the motif that Zac Thompson— an up-and-coming singer-songwriter— wholeheartedly believes and proposes in his recent release “I Need You.” Laying bare his insecurities in an otherwise uplifting record, it projects vulnerable yet heartwarming emotions.

Contrary to his nascent presence on streaming sites, Zac Thompson is anything but new to his craft: the British alias has honed himself at various local festivals and events, garnering more experience as an alumnus of the prestigious Brighton Institute of Modern Music (BIMM). The Lake District-based musician took a creative hiatus then, making an official comeback sometime later with the entry single “Drowning.”

This debut— released in 2023— is a heartfelt alt-rock offering, starting with an acoustic guitar and raw, angst-heavy vocals. Later a lashing combination of drums and distorted guitars play along with the vocals in the main chorus; all of these perhaps setting a precedent of Zac’s trademark: disclosing unfiltered feelings through forthright songwriting.

In “I Need You,” the anxious crooner takes a breather, choosing easy and feelgood guitar chords leading to a singalong chorus structured with claps; the unrestrained vocals don’t hesitate in expressing fragility and desperation with lyrics like “I need you to watch me fall//Pick me back up when I feel so low.” Despite bearing through such crushing emotions, the optimism and faith he places in this loved one is genuinely comforting to experience.

Listen to “I Need You” on Spotify and keep up with Zac Thompson on his Instagram.


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