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Blair Borax's admirable self-resilience in “I’m Not Listening."

Defying external pressures and expectations, “I’m Not Listening” is a serenade that will strike an immediate note with many. A delightful brainchild of Blair Borax, this record weaves a deep narrative that unfolds over unfaltering vocals and a shimmery instrumental.

The titular song of the latest EP (which itself is a part of her album “Tender Love), the song has other intriguing companions such as “Call Me Lazy” and “While The World Grew Wicked”; the American singer-songwriter chooses various topics anywhere from worldly changes to intimate heartbreaks, interpreted into bold and creatively written songs with her distinct vocals acting as a guiding hand. Her inspiration ranges from eminent figures like John Prine and Cat Clyde, among veritable others. Sure enough, a sizeable and growing audience has already found themselves admiring these attributes, with today’s song already being her top most streamed track on Spotify (among other tracks closely following suit) as she has already announced a country-wide tour touching across multiple states in the US (while also performing a sold-out album launch show).

“I’m Not Listening” graces the listener with a mellow guitar strumming first, and the vocals accompanying moments later. The lyricism sparks strong emotions with penned words like “Why can’t I will away the wanting, something to be different, it’s starting to haunt me.” The graceful ensemble is then joined by a drum groove and lustrous piano chords, although giving enough compartment to the crooning. Add to this the solemn chord progression, the song turns into an appealing embodiment of the hopefulness of staying true to oneself, even if facing judgment from others that can cause bitter angst and pain.

Stream “I’m Not Listening” here on Spotify and follow Blair Borax on Instagram.


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