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Dopameen is all about love in her lighthearted debut "Try."

Scoring an impressive entry, Dopameen came on our radar with a pleasant surprise. Her latest single “Try” has kickstarted what might become a fledging discography in the coming time, packed with a feel-good and radiating personality that is essential for any love song.

Setting herself up in the indie-pop spectrum, Dopameen wants to spread positivity with her music. Her experience from live shows is obvious with an impressive vocal range, as she intends to pursue other genres in future endeavors; her following records and eventual debut album are already in the making, involving seasoned creatives who have previously worked for reality talent shows such as ‘The Voice’ and artists like Jessie J. As of now, her first single has accumulated over 125,000 listeners and steadily increasing.


The reason behind such a noteworthy success for “Try” is doubtlessly its composition— Dopameen has an enthusiastic and soulful disposition that is irresistible, as her vocals get supplemented by the jazz-influenced soft rock sound; the instrumental thrives on the cheery and sunny ensemble: from the playful flutes, funky guitar licks and bass carrying a distinct nu-soul/RnB inspiration. Selflessly, the performance with the steadfast lyrics is dedicated to loving a special somebody, whose very existence makes the world a better place.

With a mellow voice and joyful production, "Try" can appeal to most with its smooth and heartwarming performance. Listen to the song on Spotify and stay updated with Dopameen on her Instagram.


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