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Estella Dawn - Funny Bones

Expanding on her artistry, Estella Dawn is a promising singer-songwriter: and it shows plenty on her latest EP project “Funny Bones.” Switching out to RnB and upbeat pop, the NY-based moniker presented a vibrant couple of songs, contrasting each other in a complementing and engaging way.

Making waves with her soulful and seductive vocal range, Estella Dawn’s renditions fit snugly whether it's indie rock (such as “California”) or smooth RnB ballads (“Didn’t Occur To You”). Her lyricism is equally fetching and lively; augmenting the instrumentals effortlessly. Keeping an increasingly active release schedule, her discography already contains seven singles and three remixes from this year alone, not forgetting her last record which already has crossed 100 thousand in the span of two months.

Shifting our attention to her newest work, “Funny Bones” starts with the titular track. The said performance is a sentimental ballad, furnished with acoustic instrumentals such as dry drums, dreamy piano chords, and later atmospheric synths, forming something of a pop-trap hybrid by the time the chorus arrives. Estella’s voice soars here, quickly switching into a fluent rap sequence in the following verse as the said moniker shows her proficiency in changing the rhythm.

The sophomore addition “Locked In” is more chipper and plays with innuendos, grabbing attention with its dancehall rhythms; lending it a summery, laidback sound, amplified by the subdued off-beat percussions and softer instruments. The vocals play a crucial role— thoroughly attractive and packed with panache. The groove remains at a casual pace, amping up right around the hooks for excitement.

Undoubtedly, “Funny Bones” is a testament to Estella Dawn’s superb knack for making listeners feel both heartbreak and pleasure in a mere five minutes, amply evident in this EP. You can listen to it on Spotify or on YouTube below.


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