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Nordkvist spins a grim yet irresistible tale with "Way of Living."

An enigmatic figure when looking at the branding intended to serve first impressions, singer-songwriter Nordkvist perhaps believes more in substance over style. The good thing is that listeners won't have to rummage through much to stumble on a gem: his latest addition "Way of Living" to his fledgling discography brings impactful songwriting over a folksy composition, capturing our attention right away with its morbid peculiarity.

On the 1st of April this year, Nordkvist made his first appearance with "Take No Prisoners." Donning the logo of a shadowed vulture under blazing rays of sunshine, these visuals provide some cues to his musical style: raw, unperturbed and not inclining to any popular tendencies. It's rustic and earthy, paying homage to the spirit of Outlaw Country; the follow-up and second single "These are the days" embraces rock with anthemic elements: grungy and unfazed guitars with the unyielding drums. Just over thirty days later, the Nordic act published "Gone," a brisk record with frolicking banjo riffs and motivated blues-heavy vocals: a distinct trait in most of Nordkvist's records. Thus far, the Americana devoted alias has published seven singles in the span of two months.

Nordkvist also claims to be a storyteller, an attribute that strongly resonates with his songwriting, often diving into bleak themes atop lush and lively instrumentations. Having learned the ropes for two decades, he also tours with his bands AYA and Stupid White Men.

"Way of Living" takes a different route than usual when considering the prior works, letting steely guitars strum underneath. The vocals despite being mellow and gripping, are macabre, fixating on a make-believe duel that has led to a bloody outcome; it conjures a visceral scene straight out of a dusty Western, brandishing lyric such as "get down on your knees, I'll make it quick//I have got a bullet with your name on it." The merging of gloomy and unsettling words with a hopeful, vibrant composition leads to an addictive combination. More details come up in the song later, as the main chorus gets more reflective with the vocals proclaiming, "I've got a life to live." The second half increases in intensity and energy, stacking up on vocal harmonies and ultimately cutting down to reiterate the chorus over the elevating chants of "hallelujah." 

Listen to "Way of Living" on Spotify or on YouTube below.



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