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Rachael Blanche - Translator

The indie scene in the pop realm has many striving efforts from worldwide, and our focus converged on Rachael Blanche, an Australian singer-songwriter, who has gained veritable traction with a nascent discography. Her latest endeavor is “Translator,” a breezy contemporary RnB ballad with smooth vocals.

Prior to proceeding with the arrangements, a brief acquaintance of the artist and her debut “Catch My Breath” is necessary. Rachael Blanche previously involved in Tyler Touche’s 2012 track “Heart In Motion,” which garnered support and heavy rotation from her native country’s radio station, Triple J. Her debut followed soon after and came out in 2021, which is a seductive future bass record that exceeds expectations with delightful vocal showcase, as Rachael’s energetic and appealing presence matches the uptempo groove of 808s and playful synths; a production recipe that might be familiar to many from renowned artists such as Zedd, The Chainsmokers, Cash Cash and so on. As of date, the song has gathered over 100,000 streams on Spotify.

Her sophomore track expands her sonic portfolio: here, the London-based songstress demonstrates a soulful range with a refreshing airy timbre. A nu-soul-inspired RnB beat tags along, and the performance draws a parallel with artists such as Ariana Grande. The instrumental doesn’t intrude but rather enhances the harmony with its knocking 808s and percussion combination, with sparser keys in the back filling out the appealing atmosphere. Here, the focus is mainly kept on the singing, which elegantly narrates about a potential romance conflicted with mixed signals.

“Translator” is a promising release from the said moniker, as she clearly has the versatility necessary for this industry. We are eagerly waiting for her forthcoming releases! Meanwhile, “Translator” is available for listening on Spotify or you can watch the music video below.


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