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Francisco Sola - A Dream I Had In My Past Life

Oftentimes, it’s not the duration of the song that matters, but rather the vibes that it imparts during the listening experience. Something similar can be said for Francisco Sola’s record “A Dream I Had in My Past Life,” which doesn’t let its short existence obstruct its intended emotions to reach the listeners. Released last year, the song has amassed an impressive 400,000 plus streams on Spotify alone!

Although before we begin, a brief intro on the creative behind all this: Francisco Sola is a singer-songwriter based in Buenos Aires, and his musical catalog began around two years back. His tracks have latched onto one attribute that’s the most admirable: a dreamy and lush mood that ranges from melancholia to wistfulness. Take, for example, his best performing single on “El Mar y Yo”: the song floats on hopeful and bittersweet guitar riffs as his softer, heartfelt vocals perform over it. With his latest release “Seasick,” the mentioned songwriter has shown versatility with grungier guitar tones and captured those appealing 2000s alt-rock ballad influences effortlessly.

Today’s subject isn’t so far from the just discussed track. It commences with a guitar gently fading into existence from quietness, as the vocals reminisce about a romance. As few impactful lyrics leave, a saxophone riff materializes and fills out the performance, amplifying the yearning expressed by the singing that came before. And just before you know it, the song fades into silence, just like any momentary dream would.

“A Dream I Had in My Past Life” is an outcome of meticulously thought songwriting, which unravels further as one repeats the song. From the lyrical aspects to the instrumental details, not to forget the riveting vocals, this song creates a sense of longing with its pleasant aura.

Listen to “A Dream I Had In My Past Life” here on Spotify or YouTube down below


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