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Sarah Be - Wasn't Enough

Brimming with sentimental and heartfelt tones, “Wasn’t Enough” achieves sizeable moments thanks to its creators, Sarah Be and Xanders. Clearly meant for the speakers due to its polished and rhythmic sound, the lively vocals and the instrumental paired here put up a satisfying show, all set to be ingrained in the listener’s mind right after the first listen.

Teeming with experience as a musical alias, Sarah Be is an Austrian wunderkind creative. Her first singer/songwriter endeavors were from the tender age of 14, getting the spotlight of various esteemed shows such as “XFactor” (Germany) and “Kiddy Contest” (Austria). In 2019 she became a part of “AMA,” a girl pop band which further fleshed out her talents. Her recent single “Mine” came out last January, which is a somber deep house number resonating with a gritty bassline and seductive vocal presence


Xander, the other collaborator, maintains a low-key branding although his discography interestingly varies from Reggaeton, future bass to pop-punk: indicating a mastery over genres and audio production in general.

“Wasn’t Enough” excels in its delivery, most notably the lovely vocals that are introduced with sparser drums playing a brisk rhythm and accompanied by sparkling guitar riffs, escalating gently to the main chorus as the guitars take the lead alongside the exquisite singing. The lyricisms share relatable moments of lament, hinting at a memorable relationship that went sour due to disagreements. The production (perhaps a handiwork of Xanders) maintains a delightful pacing and amps up the energy around the hooks, using pop-punk influences and light-toned guitars contrasting with an acoustic drum set, which further complements the airy vocals.

Lasting just under three minutes, “Wasn’t Enough” is a heartbreak-mending pop number that has it all: appealing vocals, a strong melodic hook, and creative composition that sets a great impression!

You can listen to “Wasn’t Enough” here on Spotify or on YouTube below


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