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The Amazing takes the experimental, unexplored route with “Piggies.”

Steering away from any limelight, The Amazing lets their music do the talking. “Piggies” is an exploratory album that has broken their radio silence, serving as an emotional outlet for the Swedish band; five years of sabbatical has proved wonders for the indie group, as their newest album is an emotional dive— embracing variety with misty and glimmering sonic palettes carried by evocative vocal performances.

The near-forty minutes run time of this compilation immerses the listeners with riveting moments, so here’s our list of tracks that we believe captures the essence:

The Streetfighter

The opener speaks volumes for any album: “The Streetfighter” brings 80s post-punk twangy guitars— gloomy and reminiscing— as the vocals are distant, backed by another harmony during the main chorus. Prominent and core aesthetics of the album are presented right away; the meticulous layering of guitars, shy percussions, and pensive vocals are all part of the hypnotic charm in the records queuing after this one.


Taking a stronger stance, a wave of discordant shoegaze guitars introduces itself in “Antichrist.” The vocals have softer and mellow intonations, almost reflecting a wintry bleakness with lyrics like “explain how anything we do would make it right.” The near-cynical nature has its appeal amidst the resonating set-up.


Here, the group wanders into the acoustic territory with an intimate discourse— involving gradual strings and undulating guitar riffs— complete with the radiant vocals floating like a feather over the reverb-doused backdrop.

I Think I Found a Way

A thoroughly tender and nostalgic offering, “I Think I Found a Way” adopts a heartfelt chord progression wrapped in a lingering, mellifluous noise-pop experiment. Thin, offbeat electro drums march underneath this swirling and velvet-like instrumental veil; the song feels like basking under a picturesque sunset.

Through The Cracks

More of an instrumental in its making, “Through The Cracks” follows in the footsteps of its predecessors with distorted, delayed, and evolving guitars with hazy vocals nearly blending with the composition. What comes after is an extended and uninterrupted session of flanger-heavy and dissonant guitars, psychedelic and distinctly harmonious in their tones, marking a memorable ending to the album even without words.

Listen to “Piggies” on Spotify and get the latest updates on The Amazing through their Instagram.


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